Simi Valley, CA

White Bull Trail Series

Ventura County Animal Shelter - website - phone 1-888-223-PETS (7387)

Donate: old dog beds, cat beds, food, toys, money, cages for all kinds of animals!  Dogs, Cats, Horses, name it and they help shelter them at a NO KILL FACILITY.

See a stray cat?  CONTACT VCAS, try to take a photo.  99% OF THE TIME THIS CAT IS A RUNAWAY AND LOST OR SCARED!  Have compassion, help the family get reunited.

Looking to add a furry ball of love to your family?  VISIT THE RESCUE.  They have over 350 animals desperately in need of loving FOREVER HOMES.

During our visits the the Ventura County Animal Services we saw so many animals in need of a FOREVER HOME.  Beautiful creatures of all shapes and sizes.

The men and women were so compassionate to our loss.  They did everything they could to guide me and find her - in the end we thanked them for all of their efforts.

We learned how the no-kill system is working - even cats that are feral get homes working outdoors on the boat docks or on farms.

After about a month we decided it would be good for us to have a cat again. 

It was hard to go back to the place  that so much sadness had been connected to.  We went together to find our new family member.

Eight cats interviewed us and one chose us - her name is Piper.  She was abandoned in Oxnard and when we got her home we found out she wasn't well.   We took her to Park Animal Hospital where we met Dr. Hanna and his staff - all of them also Angels for Animals.   He got her fixed up and after about 3 weeks she has really become a purring and loving little sister to our chocolate lab Kona and cockapoo Zoey.

Our story ending is a happy one and we want to raise awareness and support for the Ventura County Animal Service's  hard work.

Trail Dogs!

We are LEVEL 10 (out of 10) animal lovers and are excited to announce our fundraiser for the Ventura County Animal Services!

10% of every entry will go to them.

The men and women that make this shelter (a NO KILL SHELTER) run have qualities we admire.

We learned about this when we lost our own cat, Arya.  She was a rescue (brought home by our son) and escaped from our home.

We traveled to the Ventura County Animal Shelter in Simi Valley and Camarillo over a dozen times hoping she would be found.

Giving Back Meaningfully

Little Piper.

Resources you might find helpful

Arya our rescue. RIP.

July 2013 - April 2015

On Facebook we connected up with the Simi Valley Missing Cats to follow specific and successful guidelines in finding her in our neighborhood.

We roamed the streets day and night (not exaggerating) knocking on doors, passing out flyers and calling out her name.  It was a terrible experience for us.

By CHANCE the SVMC were told of her remains being found on the front yard of a house JUST DOWN THE ROAD from ours. This was on a street we got no help from sadly.  No one would answer their door and we even got screamed at that there was no way a cat could have gotten into their yard.  

The people that did find her remains THREW HER INTO THE GARBAGE.  Now, for a pet lover this is devastating.  That's what we are and there is no way to explain the depth of sadness we felt for weeks. 

We were informed of this sad news.

Had the person that found her called VCAS they would have collected her remains and posted it on their LOST/FOUND page. We would have stopped hunting for her HOPING she was alive.

Every day was torture.

Two (as of Nov 30) dogs that ran our race have found their FurEver Home!